Graduation Gift Ideas for the High School Class of 2023

One of the most significant accomplishments of any student is their graduation day; it is when they can enjoy and savor the fruit of their labor. For many parents, it is their pride and joy for their hard work sending their kids to school.  Graduation season is around the corner, and it is the best…

Inspiring things to do this Spring

Welcome Spring. Yes, finally, spring is here, the days are now longer, and the sun is starting to come out almost daily. What are your plans this Spring season? If nothing yet, here are the Top ten inspiring things you can do this Spring season. Top 5 Inspiring things to do this spring

Why I love Barcelona, Spain?

Another one for the book, and yes, another fulfilling trip from my bucket list. Why Barcelona? Indeed, it is one of the great countries to visit in Europe. Full of colorful history, vibrant architecture, and tasty foods. When I first set foot in Barcelona, I looked forward to seeing the historic Sagrada Familia Church in…


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