Why I love Barcelona, Spain?

Another one for the book, and yes, another fulfilling trip from my bucket list.

Why Barcelona? Indeed, it is one of the great countries to visit in Europe. Full of colorful history, vibrant architecture, and tasty foods.

When I first set foot in Barcelona, I looked forward to seeing the historic Sagrada Familia Church in the heart of Barcelona. I was mesmerized by how this church has stood tall through the test of time since they started to build it. An amazing landmark and is considered one of the Unesco World Heritage. The Sagrada Familia was consecrated and granted the status of a Basilica by Pope Benedict. As I admired the architecture of Gaudi, I am thankful that this church became one of the pilgrimage sites of Catholics around the world, as it reminds us of our relationship with our creator. It may be a structure, but it conveys a message to all of us to protect, love, and value our family, true to the name of “Sagrada Familia,” which means “Holy Family or Sacred Family.”

In Barcelona, we also visited Casa Mila or Casa Batlo, another work of Antonio Gaudi. It is an old building yet appeals modern in all senses. It is very unique. Another one you should visit is Park Guel, and never forget to see the Parc de Montjuic, a nice place to see the landscape and skyline of Barcelona, La Rambla is also famous for travelers; tourists visit the place to see different street performers, listen to local music and just enjoy the people. Barcelona is definitely, one of the best places to visit in Spain; too many sightseeing spots to visit; lots of cafeterias that offer tasty Spanish cuisine; you need at least three to five days to explore Barcelona’s best tourist spots.

If you are planning to visit the city, mind your belongings, there are too many people, and pick-pockets might just be waiting for the perfect time to attack; other than that, it is one of the safest places to visit Europe. Plan your trip and book your tour with a reliable company.

Thank you, Barcelona, for the memories!

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