My Review of Homestyle Liberty Kitchen Island Cart

In this blog, I just want to show you about this Homestyle Liberty Island Cart that we bought a few days ago; We have a small kitchen, and my problem is the storage, I don’t have enough space to put my kitchen appliances like Air Fryer, Slow cooker, Blender and when your kitchen is small, of course, you also have a small countertop. So when I am cooking, I don’t have space for preparing meals. I have the old small kitchen island that I put some of my stuff, but this is open and does not do the job if you need storage. I have wanted to organize the kitchen stuff that I used for regular days, but I don’t know which one to buy. I searched different island carts online, but there are too many choices; some have good and bad reviews. When I came across this Homestyles liberty Kitchen Island, and it shows all the reviews from the site, I did not hesitate to order this online.

This new kitchen island is multi-purpose kitchen furniture that can be used as storage, and at the same time, you can use it as a kitchen island for preparing meals for your family. Believe me, when you are the in-charge in cooking meals every day, and you do not have space to prepare where to put your ingredients, it is sometimes stressful. So, I told myself I need to get something to have extra space in my kitchen. And this is it, I have now this new island cart. I organized all my kitchen stuff inside and put some snacks and breakfast cereals. My Magic-chef air fryer fits at the bottom shelf. You can divide the cabinet into three partitions, but I decided to make it two layers to accommodate my air fryer. I also stored my slow cooker at the bottom. I am happy that I picked this homestyle liberty island cart. You can get this island cart through amazon for $279. it is affordable compare to the other brand that I checked online. The cart comes well packed; it is padded and wrapped properly. The cart can be assembled by two people; you need an assistant to hold the wood while the other person is putting it together. It is easy to assemble as long as you follow the instruction; all parts are labeled with letters.

Check my review on my new youtube channel. Yes, I am now finally creating Youtube videos; I am new to the platform, I have errors, and I feel awkward, so please bear with me. I will try my best to vlog in both English and in my native language.

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