12 Smart Ways to Save Money for 2021

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It is almost the end of the Year 2020, and maybe all of us have our new year’s resolutions, and one of them is to save money. But how will we save money?  Here are the smart ways to help us save.

1. Do couponing, Signup for an App:

Couponing and downloading an App is a popular way to access coupons to save money from groceries and other products that we usually buy; it is convenient because it is already on your phone. If you received coupons from the mail, try to maximize them and save money for groceries. Buy sale items only. Pick a coupon from manufacturers; they offer more discounts. Signup for an App; they usually offer introductory discounts and rewards if you signup to their app. 

2. Make Garage Sale or Yard Sale: 

If you have some stuff that you no longer need and still functioning, sell it, and make money from it. (Example, an old guitar, toys, paintings, etc.)

3. Collect Returnable Bottles and Soda Cans and Other Recyclable Items:

Every occasion, we all buy refreshments such as Coke, Pepsi, Beers, and so on. Collect all the empty cans and put them away. You can return them at the grocery store, and it can add to your budget for groceries— every little penny help. Sell old appliances that have metals on them, like old metal chairs, sell them to the recycling center.

4. Cut Down Unnecessary Spending for Clothing and Other Stuff: 

I am also guilty of this, and this post also educates me. If you have shopping habits for clothes, shoes, purses, and many more. Think first before you shop. Ask yourself if you really need it? Is it essential? Check your closet first; you can also re-purpose your wardrobe, mix, and match the clothes you already have. Visit fashion sites on how you will re-purpose your clothes; sometimes, adding bling-bling can make a clothes look brand new and in style.

5. Collect All Your Loose Change: 

When we shop, if we received pennies, quarters, as change, put them in a piggy bank or any containers, leave them. After a year you will see that you save a lot, you can get them and exchange them to the bank. 

6. Check Your Pantry Before Buying More:

Every year, check your pantry, eliminate expired canned goods. By doing that, you will be aware of what you don’t have and just buy what you really need for everyday cooking. Sometimes when we do grocery shopping, we get things without even realizing that we still have them and for all you know, it is already expired and never been used. Sometimes, Less is more! 

7. Limit Eating Outside:

Having dinner in a restaurant with family and friends is all good, but it also costs money. Limit it just to anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. If circumstances cannot be avoided because you are busy and cannot cook at home, order carry out.

8. Transfer Balances to Lower Interest Loan:

If you have a big chunk of loans from a credit card company, you can transfer it to the company that offers a zero-interest. Most credit card company offers this for one year. One year of having zero interest in your credit card saves you money. 

9. Apply or Use Credit Cards with Rewards and Miles:  

If you apply for a credit card, check companies with good reward points that you can use either for shopping or travel. For example, a credit card company that has good travel rewards is American express. They provide miles for every purchase you make, depends on your membership. A credit card is good, but if you have the cash, you can pay cash first, but if you really want to take advantage of all the rewards and miles and have future travels, earn miles it will help you save money for your travel.

10. Invest Your Money: 

If you have savings, and you don’t have some spending to do. Invest it and grow your money; they give more interest than what the banks give. Purchase property, like land. Every year land value increase; even you will not build anything on it, still worth it. You can use it as a garden and plant seasonal vegetables. 

11. Do Carpool:

When traveling to work, you can carpool with your friends or anyone in your neighborhood that offers to carpool. You can split the expenses for gas, and it saves you money. 

12. Be Healthy: 

Health is wealth. Eat healthily! Take vitamins. If you are healthy, you don’t need to buy medicines for maintenance; having maintenance medications costs money. See a doctor at least once a year, so you will know your health status.

Happy New Year, Everyone! May we all have a Prosperous 2021.

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