Christmas Traditions in America

America is a multi-cultural country and has mixed Christmas traditions, and it is mostly influenced by European cultures. And these traditions become the cornerstone of every American family during the holiday season. Some of these are the following:

Buying Poinsettia

Every year, most stores in America sell poinsettia. Poinsettia is one of the prettiest house plant blooms every December; its bright red colors bring beauty to the house on Christmas season. It was a horticulturist named Paul Ecke who made this flower famous among Americans.

Christmas Parties

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Christmas Party is a great tradition to continue with family and friends, colleagues, and workplaces. It is the best time to reach out to them to show your appreciation and enjoy the season with food, chats, and games. 

Making Gingerbread Houses

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Making gingerbread houses is a great activity for kids and families. It is originated from Germany. When you make gingerbread, it also showcases your creativity. To learn more about how gingerbread became part of the American Christmas tradition. Read this article here

Wearing Ugly Sweater

Although you can buy a ready-made Ugly sweater in the store, it is also fun to design and DIY your ugly sweater. If you have a Christmas party, you can invite everyone and make it a contest; whoever wore the ugliest sweater will win. Make this part of your family tradition; let your family show their talents in decorating and shine on with their skills. It is also a great family bonding to do with your family and kids, especially during this pandemic. Additionally, this is a total hit for a holiday theme, a company Christmas party. 

Listening to Christmas Songs with Yule Log:

Listening to Christmas songs while you are sitting beside the fireplace makes hearts joyful and excited. A fireplace with a burning yule log adds warmth and a cozy feeling to homes. But did you not think of when it get started? Burning Yule log started from the regions of Europe; learn more about the history here. Yule log TV watching also become part of the American way when the Yule log TV program started the show. According to Wikipedia, a Yule log program is a film loop of a yule log. A traditional soundtrack of classic Christmas music playing in the background; it is broadcast without commercial interruption.

Cutting down a Fresh Christmas tree: 

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I think cutting a new Christmas tree is a notable tradition to start with family. The refreshing smell of a fresh Christmas tree is unique, and you cannot find it in an artificial tree. Although buying a fresh Christmas tree is not practical, you cannot keep the tree after the celebration. It is a unique tradition worth keeping. And most people still value it, because it is a way of building memories with family.  

Sending Christmas Cards:

Every year, thousands of Christmas cards were being sold in every store nationwide. Mailing Christmas cards to family and friends are good gestures to show gratitude to them. Even with the rising popularity of sending e-cards, sending greetings to Facebook and other social media platform, sending tangible Christmas cards is still standing out. The feel of writing Christmas messages are still irreplaceable. Let’s find out where this tradition started? The first Christmas card started way back in the 19th century from London. Read this article to learn more.

Hanging Christmas Wreaths: 

Christmas wreaths have been one of the popular Christmas decorations for Christmas. If you are crafty enough and love to DIY, you can make your themed Christmas wreaths. It can be placed anywhere in your house, but mostly, it is placed outside the doors; it’s a sign that you anticipate Christmas soon. 

Picture with Santa Claus: 

Who doesn’t love the guy in white and red clothes, white-bearded, wearing glasses? And have bags of goodies and gifts. Babies, teens, and even adults alike like to have pictures taken in Santa’s lap. For many years Santa Claus becomes a well-known Christmas figure for kids. 

Read the link to get to know   St. Nicholas; it is an article on how depicting his personality as a Santa Claus figure came into life.  The first Santa Claus appearance becomes widely known to the world. The popular folklore and marketing spread Santa Claus and become the most influential figure for Christmas ads campaign. Beyond this popular folklore lies the message to everyone to emulate St. Nick to become a cheerful giver. 

Christmas Tree Lighting Up Ceremony: 

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This practice is another great American tradition; it is a communal celebration where people witness the Christmas Tree Lighting. It symbolizes hope and peace to everyone. This tradition started in 1923 when President Coolidge walked from the White House to light a 48 ft flr Christmas tree; to learn more about this historic tradition. Follow this link. The Christmas tree is one of the magical decorations we can put in our homes. You can make it a ritual, like the first Christmas tree lighting ceremony; your family can gather around the tree to light the tree. 

Watching Christmas movies on Christmas Day: 

Who doesn’t love Christmas movies? Watching movies is the perfect bonding time during the holiday season—one of America’s favorites movies during the holidays is watching the famous Charlie Brown stories; this animated cartoon character becomes the household name for every American home during Christmas; it is classic but young and old alike watched it up to these days. Additionally, Hallmark Christmas movies are also popular for Christmas movies for everyone to enjoy.

Attending Christmas Eve Mass: 

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Christmas is a tradition celebrated by millions of Christians around the world. In America, attending Christmas Eve becomes a tradition for every Christian family. Celebrating Christmas is Commemorating Jesus Christ’s birth, the reason why we celebrate the season.

Although these are some of the popular traditions that Americans do during Christmas seasons, traditions do not stop here. You can have your own holiday traditions too. It does not to be spiritual if you are not Christians. Christmas is a family celebration that every family should enjoy.
You can start it from your own family; it could be anything that you can pass on to your future children and children's children. For example, having Family Photos, Christmas Ice-Skating with family and friends, and many more. When everything is set and done, the only thing that will be left with us is the memories with our loved ones, and these memories will start from you.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas! 

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