21 Hallmark Christmas Movies to Binge Watch this 2020 Christmas Season

What are your plans for Christmas day? Christmas day is just around the corner. We are all supposed to be enjoying Christmas parties with family and friends, colleagues, but covid 19 makes it difficult for us to do the things we used to enjoy. This is the time of the year we are limited to travel to visit family and friends, visit new places that we have never been to.

Christmas this year would not be the same for most of us. But it can still be made special even we cannot physically present with our family and friends. If physical gatherings are not possible, you can do a virtual gathering through Zoom or Google Meet with your family and friends. And Oh, by the way, Zoom lifts their 40 mins limit on Christmas and New Year for free accounts, according to the news. If this is still not possible, you can still enjoy yourself to feel the Christmas spirit by watching Christmas movies, munching with your favorite snacks, and savoring your favorite hot chocolate, especially this winter season. 

Are you a big fan of Hallmark movies? Well, Me? I am a big fan of watching Hallmark Christmas Movies; thankful to our Comcast cable subscription, we can record movies and watch them if we are not busy anymore. Watching it brings joy and happiness to my heart. 

Here’s one of the video clips from the USS Christmas hallmark movie’s Youtube channel

I curated these Hallmark movies from old and new releases that I have already watched. All Christmas movies are all good, but these are all my best picks. You can binge-watch it if you have nothing to do on Christmas day.

  1. A Princess for Christmas  
  2. Christmas with Holly  
  3. A Bride for Christmas 
  4. Snow Bride 
  5. A veteran’s Christmas
  6. A December Bride
  7. Crown for Christmas 
  8. Christmas Getaway  
  9. Finding Santa 
  10. Switched for Christmas
  11. A Family Christmas Gift
  12. Check Inn to Christmas
  13. Reunited at Christmas  
  14. Christmas in Evergreen Tidings of Joy
  15. Picture a Perfect Christmas 
  16. A Royal Winter
  17. Cranberry Christmas
  18. Christmas in Vienna
  19. USS Christmas
  20. A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado
  21. Christmas Waltz

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May you all feel the spirit of Christmas in this time of uncertainties. Stay safe and enjoy your holidays. 

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