New Year’s Resolution for Good Vibes in 2021

Lose Weight – Motivate yourself on how to lose weight and achieve the body weight you desire. Start with proper food portioning. Avoid eating fatty food, less intake of sweet products. . Do some research on what would be the best diet program for you. Find time to exercise. It will benefit you, makes you healthy, and will give you a long life. 

Quit Bad Habits/Vices – According to the dictionary, “Habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially the one that is hard to give up.” It might be an attitude or vices that affect your life to become productive. It is not too late to change. Ask for support from your family and friends, show them that you’re willing to change for the better. Asks help from God to give you the courage to change. It will not be easy, but you will get there. Think positive; you can do it.

Love more – If you think you failed to show your love to your loved ones, make up for the lost time. New Year is your chance to do better. For example, if you spent more time with your friends than your family, cut it short or skip time being with them. If they are your true friends, they should understand you. Find quality time to be with your spouse and kids. Like watching movies together, cook food for them, or dine out ( not this time because of covid), plan for a vacation with them, and help kids do their school assignments. You don’t need to do extravagant things if you can’t afford them. Sometimes, the simple things are the best thing. 

Study More – If you are a student and you did not do well in the past school year. Then, do great for 2021. To achieve this, maybe make less time doing social media and engage yourself in reading your notes and do assignments early before doing something else.

Cut cost and Save More – Oftentimes, we overspend on something that we actually don’t need. For some women, collecting purses, shoes, perfumes, and accessories gives them a sense of fulfillment and happiness, only to realize that they overspent. Before you shop for a new one again. Think and ask yourself if you really need it. Why buy more if you still have unused items that you have not worn yet. If you keep buying and will not use it, it will just accumulate dust in the closet. Think of something where you can cut costs and how you will save money for future use. Going shopping once in a while is not bad; just limit yourself to what you can afford. If you are a mom, do couponing, buy products that are more affordable but have the same benefits as other top brands. Get only sale products. Shop only during a clearance sale. 

Find a New Hobby – a hobby is a form of relaxation that you can enjoy. Find your interest and skills such as decorating, arts and crafts, sewing, quilting, or gardening, biking, and many more. Pick a hobby that will benefit you, and you will enjoy it.

Declutter and Organized –  Home organization often is the most neglected part of household chores. When we are busy, we just tend to ditch everything in the corner. Well, folks, it’s not too late to organized things in your home. Start arranging things by categorizing them. Donate old clothes and throw away old stuff that you don’t need. 

Take Time Off to Travel – Traveling is the best way to connect to ourselves and nature. It gives us a new perspective on life. It makes us happy. Planning a vacation is also takes time; you can save money for your future travel. It may not be this year because of covid, but in the future, when everything is back to normal.

Worry – Less – If you are a person who always worries over things that we cannot control, now is the time to change this attitude. When we worry, we stress ourselves, and it will give us anxiety. Find something to do that will uplift your mood and spirit. Do yoga, meditate, and pray. 

Be Forgiving – It’s never too late to patch rough edges to the person who wronged you. When we forgive, we also forgive ourselves. Forgiveness gives us peace of mind, and it makes us a better person. 

Improve Your Patience – We always hear this; “Patience is a Virtue.”, Yes it does, but being patient takes a lot of practice. When people hurt us, provoke us, deliberately or unintentionally, we get so angry, we lost our temper, and we freak out. How to deal with it? Patience, patience! To improve your patience, try to keep quiet and don’t try to retaliate. Avoiding a fight is not being a coward. If someone provokes you, count 1,2,3, and do inhale and exhale; it will help you feel better. Pray to God to give you the strength to calm down and get back to yourself. Avoid saying or do something bad that you will regret someday. To make peace with yourself, confront the person when you are already calmed and able to digests what happened. No problem that cannot be solved.

Do Good Deeds – “Charity begins at home. Reach out to your family and friends. Make a difference by doing a volunteer job in your community, find charities that offer volunteerism. Donate to charities, food banks, and give alms to church. When you give back to the community, you show love to God and to the community. And you become a better version of yourself.

Be More Thankful – “Gratitude is Attitude.” Showing gratitude is also a way of life. We can say thank you in many ways to people who inspired us and to people who got our back every time we fall. It may be just saying thank you personally, sending cards, by keeping in touch with them, or by giving back to the person who helped us and by giving back to the community. Saying thank you and appreciation is a sign of prayer and worship to God; we acknowledge that we can do nothing without his help.

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