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The Best Fruit Fly Trap

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Recently, I noticed this group of insects flying inside our house. It is annoying because it keeps on flying around my head and face while working in the kitchen and watching TV. I am not sure what type of insect it is, but it seems like a fruit fly. They don’t really bite, not like mosquitos.

I started to see these flies when I brought my potted plants inside our house, a few weeks away before Thanksgiving. Day. The weather is getting cold at that time, and I don’t want my plants to die from cold weather. You may think that sometimes I am overacting, simply because I have a terrible allergic reaction when any insects bite me, especially mosquitoes and fleas. So I don’t want to stay long outdoors, especially during the summer. I freak out whenever I see an insect hovering around me.

Getting annoyed with this fruit fly, I searched for different DIY on how to get rid of fruit fly using ingredients I already have in the house like apple cider vinegar, but it doesn’t really work great; they don’t disappear. So I look for other alternatives online, and then I stumbled with this Katchy Fly Trap from Amazon. I ordered it last Black Friday, and it came pretty quick because of our Amazon Prime.

When I got the package, I immediately assembled it; assembling the trap is easy. Just put the sticky glue board inside the base, insert the cord, and plug it in. I put it closer to our couch where I always sit, sometimes beside my laptop, in the kitchen, or I transfer it there whenever I see flies. After one week of constantly running it, I think it catches almost all the flies inside our house, and it gradually disappears. It really works. I highly recommend this product from Amazon.

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