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Must-Have Travel Essentials for Women.

Traveling with my Samsonite carry-on underseater luggage.

Traveling is one of the best things to break the monotonous way of life from working and mommy duties. We need this to refresh our life and gain a new perspective on how we live. When we travel, we got to experience different cultures, traditions, got to see beautiful scenery, and we’re able to taste local foods and delicacies.  But while it gives us excitement, it is stressful to pack, sometimes we forget the things that we really needed. To avoid these problems. I listed the essentials things that we, women, must-have. It is also important to have reliable check-in luggage and carry-on when you travel. Check my travel resources below for your travel needs.

Lists of must-have travel essentials for women’s.

1. Clothing  – Depends on your travel destination  (winter, spring, summer, fall season).

2. Shoes 

3. Toiletries –  ( if you are staying in the hotel, they usually supply bath soap, shampoo, and conditioner) but they used their own brand; you can bring your own if you preferred).

4. Personal Self care and Grooming

5. Travel Documents

6. Medicines  ( First Aid Medication, Maintenance Medication)

7. Electronics/Camera’s to Document your travel


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