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What to do with Turkey leftover?

During Thanksgiving Day almost everyone cooks a lot to celebrate the season with family and friends, but for some families they just order carry out dinners to celebrate especially if you’re just a husband and wife at home celebrating. It’s all good if you have a lot of guests and all the dishes you prepared we’ll be out and gone after the dinner, but usually it’s not like that. Oftentimes, we always have leftover turkey, and now what to do with all this turkey meat? 

Here are the smart ways to make use of your Turkey leftovers.

Slice the turkey meat and put them into ziplock or in an empty containers, refrigerate it or freeze it for later use when you come out with the recipe you would like to cook with that leftover. 

Portion the turkey meat, debone and don’t put all the leftover meat in one container or ziplock, if you portion the meat it will be a lot easier for you to thaw , and you can use it separately depends on the recipe you can come up with.

Here’s the turkey recipe you can do with your turkey leftovers. I am not a chef so there’s no way I can come out with a new recipes, but in all my cooking needs, I mostly rely in my Taste of Home Cook book that I received as a wedding gift and have been using this for years, and for other recipes I mostly searched online. We have different taste buds so I always modify the recipes according to my palate. 

Here are the smart ways to make used of your Turkey leftover

Hopefully this will help you figure out what to cook for your Turkey Leftovers, Let’s cook and stuff our tummy with delicious Turkey Leftover recipes.

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